It's not Frisco. It's not San Fran.

It's HOME.  


In this competitive market, I help San Franciscans get more. Whether it's more offers on a property they need to sell or more of the features they want when they buy. My goal is to negotiate the best possible price for each of my clients.



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What I Love Most About San Francisco

One of the things I love most about San Francisco is being able to find amazing communities in different places.

As a Real Estate agent, I get to explore all the neighborhoods in San Francisco and get to know each of their individual charm. Whether it’s a local flower shop or nearby eateries, it’s fun discovering new places. This makes me better able to help buyers understand the communities around the homes I present.

Along with the area surrounding the home, it’s important that buyers understand all the elements of the home they are seeing. It’s my job to highlight the features of a home and the possibilities that it creates for their life in the home, whether they are looking for a great family space, a remodeled kitchen, lots of natural light, unique architectural details, or an outdoor space worthy of any garden party.

When I meet with new clients, it’s important for me to understand their goals. For Sellers, I like to know where they’re going next, so I can figure out how to help them get there. For Buyers, I love learning about what they are looking for in a home or a neighborhood, so I can help them find the right match.

Growing up, I followed my parents around from one construction site to the next, building custom homes. The family business has honed my ability to see the possibilities when I walk into a home. Today, I work closely with my own team of carefully selected mortgage professionals, designers, architects, contractors, and inspectors to help clients imagine and create their dream home.

I choose to call San Francisco home. I live here, I work here, and I play here. 

My name is Kelly Kang and I LOVE San Francisco.