1. Property Preparation

There are A LOT of things you could spend money on to get your property ready for sale. My goal is to get you the most money in your pocket. So we can sit down and discuss what items will do that for you.

  • Decluttering or Moving Out
  • Painting according to Professional Color Consultation
  • Professional Staging
  • Professional Photography
  • Landscaping Design and Greening

2. Pricing

Of the San Francisco homes that sell, two thirds accept offers relatively quickly, to sell on or over the list price. Of these, a fair number receive multiple offers. Our goal is to make your property one of these properties with multiple offers.

3. Marketing

I carefully craft beautiful marketing material tailored for each property. We consider the possible buyers for your home and work to reach any one who might be interested in your home.

  • Professional Designed Brochures
  • Custom Property Website
  • Outreach to the Brokerage Community
  • Social Media and Internet Marketing
  • Strategic Open House and Marketing Schedule

4. Accepting Offers

Our goal in this market is to create a bidding situation with multiple offers. As the offers come in, my job is to help you synthesize the nuances of each offer and who the agents and buyers are that are bringing the offer. 

5. The Escrow & Due Diligence

During escrow and due diligence, I do not let up. This is a time where I work closely with the buyer to get them to the finish line. I will be present for their inspections to answer questions and for their appraisal to ensure the lender is aware of recent sales in the area.

6. Closing!

There are so many things to think about as the closing comes up. I will focus on the details of the transaction so you can focus on starting the next phase of your life in your new home!