I Made the "A" List!

2015 AREAA "A" List Honorees

Congratulations to this year’s 2015 AREAA "A" Listers! The AREAA "A" List represents an elite group of top-selling real estate agents in the United States grouped into two categories – by volume and by sides. This year we are proud to recognize the exemplary performance of our members who earn a coveted spot and pleased to see the following individuals who have made this year's list!

Teresa Ryan 411
Clifford Roe 252
Mital Amin 199
Katrina Washington 168
Sabriya Scott 149
Stephanie Vitacco 134
Diane Varney 126
Long Doan 117
Vicky Silvano 110
Maggi Thornhill 102
John Hatch 101
Scott Kato 101
Stephany Oliveros 99
Mark Chu 97
Sandi Bauman 97
Jessica Ye 92
David Legas 91
Kandice Robins 90
Walter Coudron 87
Connie Beal 87
Joe Sauter 78
Alexander Phan 77
Michael Moretti 77
Dan Shanyfelt 70
Brandy Nelson 70
Tuan Nguyen 66
Joe Liu 65
Ed Laine 61
Tram Chu 61
Lina Shah 55
Marcus Lee 53
Richard Silver 52
Kenny Truong 49
Andrew Tse 47
Coco Tan 45
Janice Lee 45
Linda Lee 45
Von Truong 45
Nicole Caballero 43
Tom Truong 39
Peter Wardhana 34
Danny Leung 34
Dano Sayles 32
Mony Nop 31
Tony Ngo 29
Sandy Van 28
Moon Choi 27
Stephen Haw 26
Bob Hansen 24
Sharon Lum 24


Maggi Thornhill $145,699,875
Coco Tan $82,949,750
Stephanie Vitacco $81,294,364
Richard Silver $72,551,641
Marcus Lee $54,678,000
Stephen Haw $50,315,300
Teresa Ryan $50,313,902
Jessica Ye $47,316,567
Andrew Tse $45,653,000
Dano Sayles $41,967,000
Janice Lee $40,338,424
Diane Varney $39,958,000
David Legas $35,736,071
Lina Shah $35,631,100
John Hatch $32,004,903
Clifford Roe $28,859,933
Mital Amin $26,644,444
Peter Wardhana $26,556,500
Bob Hansen $24,263,888
Alexander Phan $22,504,458
Kenny Truong $22,368,011
Sharon Lum $21,426,401
Maggie Huang $21,305,000
Linda Lee $21,287,331
Rita Chen 20 $20,520,645
Lota de Castro $20,381,755
Joe Liu 65 $19,370,305
Debbie Wong $19,251,307
Mony Nop $19,027,715
Scott Kato $18,967,345
Mark Chu $18,548,684
Sandi Bauman $18,163,200
Phil Chen $16,565,000
Nicole Caballero $15,657,300
Long Doan $15,571,325
Ed Laine $15,329,632
Tram Chu $15,329,632
Von Truong $14,506,534
Katrina Washington $13,980,135
Walter Coudron $13,841,718
Tom Truong $13,480,955
Michael Moretti $13,410,095
Kelly Kang $13,388,000
Sabriya Scott $13,386,664
Stephany Oliveros $12,769,768
Jennifer Tasto $11,924,000
Andy Yang $11,268,000
Christie Xie $11,046,300
Dan Shanyfelt $10,752,981
Brandy Nelson $10,250,502

Kelly Kang

Sotheby's International Realty, 117 Greenwich St., San Francisco, United States

As a former litigation attorney, I love working closely with clients to create an individualized strategy. In this local real estate market, buying or selling your home can be a full-time job. As a busy professional, you’ll need an informed partner to help you through the process.

From drawing up a customized plan to celebrating the close, I will be with you every step of the way. I am actively involved in the fast-paced San Francisco and Silicon Valley real estate market.

I have an intimate knowledge of the area. And along with my background as an attorney and real estate investor, I am an agent who knows exactly how to find you your dream home. I will work hard to help you get it. My clients trust me to be their greatest advocate, whether I’m keeping them safe from the fine print or aggressively negotiating on their behalf.

And when I’m not at the office: You can find me at the climbing gym or climbing outdoors on weekends with my husband, daughter and our puppy, Gracie.