1. Dream Home

Let's talk about your dream home. The San Francisco market is a tough one. And we rarely get everything we want in a home. But the more I know about what you want, the better able I am to find you MORE of what you want.

2. Financing

It's important to understand what financing options are out there for you and what the best choice would be for you. I've carefully selected a team of outstanding mortgage professionals to help guide you through this portion.

3. Searching

Now, I know this is the fun part. And there are a lot of great resources out there for home buyers. Let's talk about which ones are worth using. And how I can help you find the home you want to buy.

4. Making an Offer

This is where we get down to brass tacks. We will discuss how to present a strong offer. I will explain the terms that we will include in your offer and together we will come up with the best strategy to get you what want!

5. The Escrow & Due Diligence

Once your offer is accepted, we are off to the races. There are tight timelines to meet and my carefully chosen team of professionals will help you get to the finish line. 

6. Closing!

There are so many things to think about as the closing comes up. I will focus on the details of the transaction so you can focus on starting the next phase of your life in your new home!